22 September, 2014

Sabrina's paper published

Sabrina Metzger paper on InSAR time-series analysis in north Iceland is published in Tectonophysics

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21 September, 2014

Nature Geoscience paper published

Alasdair Skelton has a paper in Nature Geoscience on North Iceland with a small CDI input​​

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22 August, 2014

Ten abstracts submitted to AGU

​CDI will have a strong presence at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December

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15 May, 2014

Joel Ruch joins the CDI Group

Joel Ruch has arrived at KAUST to join the CDI group from Roma TRE University

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05 May, 2014

CDI members at EGU in Vienna

The CDI group had a strong showing at the EGU in Vienna with a number of talks and posters.

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02 April, 2014

Teng publishes two papers

​Teng Wang has two papers published in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters and in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.

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10 March, 2014

Workshop at KAUST 4-6 March

A workshop was held at KAUST 4-6 March: "2nd KACST-KAUST-JCCP workshop on surface and subsurface 4D monitoring"

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04 February, 2014

Wenbin's Tair Volcano paper published

Wenbin Xu has a paper on Tair volcano (Red Sea) published in Bulletin of Volcanology​

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15 January, 2014

Olivier and Ulas have GRL papers published

Olivier Cavalié and Ulas Avsar both have papers published in Geophysical Research Letters​​​

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10 December, 2013

Teng presents on the recent Pakistan earthquake at AGU

​Teng Wang presents on the recent Pakistan earthquake in a late-breaking session at the AGU​ Fall Meeting

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01 September, 2013

GPS fieldwork in North Iceland

The CDI group spent two weeks in North Iceland collecting GPS data at almost 80 survey sites.​

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01 August, 2013

Nature Geoscience News & Views article published

News and Views article Sunken Volcanes is published in Nature Geoscience by Sigurjón Jónsson

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10 March, 2013

Olivier, Ahmet, and Ulas to present at EGU in Vienna

Olivier Cavalié, Ahmet Akoglu, and Ulas Avsar will present their research at EGU in Vienna, 7-12 April, 2013

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07 March, 2013

Ulas Avsar joins the CDI group

Dr. Ulas Avsar has joined the CDI group at KAUST after defending his Ph.D. thesis at University of Gent, Belgium

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05 January, 2013

Several presentations at AGU in San Francisco

Members of the CDI group had several presentations at the AGU meeting in San Francisco in December 2012

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07 November, 2012

Paper on Tensile Strength published in GRL

A paper on using InSAR to estimate the tensile bulk strength of rock is published in Geophys. Res. Lett. by Sigurjón Jónsson

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18 July, 2012

Robert Smith defends his M.S. thesis at KAUST

Robert Smith defends his M.S. thesis, which focused on the Qadimah fault, north of KAUST

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14 July, 2012

Coulomb Failure Stress paper published in JGR

Sigurjón Jónsson and his former colleagues at ETH Zurich publish a paper on the reliability of Coulomb Failure Stress change calculations.

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22 May, 2012

Guangcai Feng has a paper in Geophysical Research Letters

A paper written by Guangcai Feng and Sigurjón Jónsson has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.

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22 May, 2012

Sabrina Metzger defends her Ph.D. Thesis

Sabrina Metzger defends her Ph.D. Thesis at ETH Zurich.

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