25 March, 2021

Matthieu published a new paper about the Gulf of Aqaba bathymetry

Matthieu Ribot published a paper on Tectonics titled: "Active Faults' Geometry in the Gulf of Aqaba, Southern Dead Sea Fault, Illuminated by Multibeam Bathymetric Data"

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10 November, 2020

Daniele published a new paper about magnetic analysis on dikes

Daniele published a paper on JGR - Solid Earth titled: "Interpreting Inverse Magnetic Fabric in Miocene Dikes From Eastern Iceland"

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11 October, 2020

Shaozhuo published a new paper

Shaozhuo published a paper titled: "Thin crème brûlée rheological structure for the Eastern California Shear Zone" on Geology.

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26 August, 2020

Xing published a paper on the Yutian Earthquake

A paper about the Yutian Earthquake earthquake has been published by Xing Li on Seismological Research Letters journal.

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09 March, 2020

Renier published a paper on the Southern Red Sea Region

Renier published a paper titled "Kinematics and deformation of the southern Red Sea region from GPS observations" on Geophysical Journal International.

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01 February, 2020

BEAT paper and software

Hannes' paper on the Bayesian Earthquake Analysis Tool (BEAT) is published

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15 December, 2019

Rémi has a paper published

Rémi Matrau has published a paper in Tectonics based on his M.Sc. thesis research

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06 November, 2019

Shaozhuo´s paper online

A paper on lower crustal heterogeniety in Tibet has been published in Journal of Geophysical Research by Shaozhuo Liu et al.

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30 October, 2019

Northquake 2019 proceedings published

The proceedings volume for the Northquake 2019 workshop has been published with about 30 articles​

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10 October, 2019

Rishabh defends his Ph.D. Thesis

​Rishahb Dutta defended his Ph.D. Thesis is Earth Science and Engineering

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07 October, 2019

Nicolás defends his MS Thesis

​Nicolás Castro-Perdomo defended his MS thesis on 7 October 2019

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18 September, 2019

The third CDI cruise completed

The third R/V Thuwal research cruise returns Tiran Island and Mabahiss Deep

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05 September, 2019

Kai's EPSL paper out

A paper by Yuan-Kai Liu et al. is published in EPSL

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13 August, 2019

GPS fieldwork in North Iceland

The CDI group returns after over two weeks of GPS fieldwork in northern Iceland​

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09 July, 2019

Daniele has a paper published

Daniele Trippanera et al. publish a paper in Frontiers in Earth Science

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31 August, 2018

New GPS station

Rémi Matrau and Sigurjón Jónsson installed a new GPS station in north Iceland in collaboration with the Icelandic Met Office.​

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15 June, 2018

First CDI research cruise completed

A research cruise with RV Thuwal to Gulf of Aqaba is successfully completed

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15 May, 2018

Kai completes his MS thesis

Yuan-Kai Liu has successfully defended and completed his MS thesis at KAUST.

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15 January, 2018

Rishabh publishes his Fukuoka paper

Rishabh Dutta has a paper on the 2005 Fukuoka earthquake, Japan, published in Geophysical Journal International

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10 November, 2017

Kai receives EGU award

Yuan-Kai Liu wins the Outstanding Student Poster award for his presentation at the EGU conference in April 2017.

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28 April, 2017

The CDI group at EGU

The CDI group had several presentations at the European Geoscience Union (EGU) conference in Vienna 24-28 April.​

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