We are always open and interested to hear from motivated people, both prospective students as well as potential future postdoctoral researchers.

Prospective M.S. students
Please take a look at the website of the Earth Science and Engineering program​, where you can find information and requirements for the program along with other information. The deadline for applications is 15 January each year and you can apply for free on the university’s website

Prospective Ph.D. students
The Earth Science and Engineering program website lists all the requirements and other information for pursuing a Ph.D. degree at KAUST. If you are interested in working within the CDI group towards a Ph.D. degree, you can contact Sigurjon Jonsson (sigurjon.jonsson@kaust.edu.sa) for specific information or you can apply directly at the university’s website​.

Postdoctoral Researchers 
Please contact Sigurjon Jonsson (sigurjon.jonsson@kaust.edu.edu) regarding possible open postdoctoral researcher positions within the CDI group.

For other inquires, please contact Sigurjon Jonsson (sigurjon.jonsson@kaust.edu.sa)​​​