14 March, 2023

CDI Seminar - How to reveal the earthquake cycle of the Dead Sea Fault?

Matthieu will show the preliminary results obtained from the data collected during the last scientific cruise in the Gulf of Aqaba

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07 March, 2023

CDI Seminar - CNN-based InSAR time-series Denoising

Xing-li is using Convolutional Neural Network to denoise the InSAR time series

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28 February, 2023

CDI Seminar - GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry: Extracting Information from Noise

Alejandra is applying the GNSS IR to the data from Iceland to get information about sea level and snow coverage

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20 February, 2023

Research cruise - Gulf of Aqaba

Matthieu, Sophia (CES), and Abdullah (CMOR) will sail along the gulf of Aqaba (KSA) to collect high resolution bathymetric data, seismic lines, and sediment cores.

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09 February, 2023

Seismic data collection - Aqaba network

Matthieu and Adriano made a short visit to the Aqaba seismic network (CES - KAUST) to collect the recent seismic data

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07 February, 2023

Field work - Graben south of Tabuk

Adrien, Matthieu, Shaozhuo, and Adriano are in the field, to make seismic profiles and collect samples to study the graben south of Tabuk

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30 January, 2023

Yann Klinger - CDI guest

Yann Klinger (IPGP) will teach the short course "Earthquake Geology" during the next three weeks

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26 January, 2023

Testing the active seismic equipment in KAUST

We tested the active seismic equipment inside KAUST

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24 January, 2023

Analog model experiments

Margherita is making analog model experiments on transform faults

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13 December, 2022

CDI Seminar - Along-axis gradients in Red Sea axial morphology illuminate lithospheric inheritance controls on sea-floor spreading

Adrien analyzed bathymetric data and digital surface models to understand the sea-floor spreading of the Read Sea

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08 December, 2022

Electron Spin Resonance measurements in Paris

Matthieu is currently in Paris to date some coral samples from the Gulf of Aqaba

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06 December, 2022

CDI Seminar - The fate of the Southern Alps, New Zealand

Shaozhuo will present his current work on the orogenesis of the Southern Alps in New Zealand

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27 November, 2022

Field trip - Al Wajh lagoon

Rémi and Adriano recovered the on-land seismic stations installed to constrain the OBS measurements in the framework of the Zaprhan project

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22 November, 2022

CDI Seminar - The postseismic ground surface displacements of the 2021 Mw7.4 Maduo earthquake revealed by one-year Sentinel-1 InSAR observations

Jihong will present the results of his Ph.D. project on the post-seismic deformation associated with the Maduo earthquake (China)

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14 November, 2022

Scientific cruise - OBS recovering

Margherita, Laura (CES), and Armando (CES) sailed to recover the OBS deployed one year ago in the central Red Sea in the framework of the ZAFRAN project

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10 November, 2022

Field Trip - South of Tabuk (KSA)

Adrien and Matthieu are exploring a graben south of Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) looking for some recent tectonic activity related to the Red Sea opening

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08 November, 2022

Ph.D. Proposal Defense - Maria Alejandra Perea Barreto

Alejandra will defend her Ph.D. proposal by unraveling the deformation pattern of the Tjörnes Fracture Zone (Iceland) obtained by geodetic data

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31 October, 2022

Ph.D. Proposal Defense - Margherita Fittipaldi

Margherita will defend her Ph.D. proposal on the Oceanic Transform Faults studied with bathymetric data and analogue modeling

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25 October, 2022

CDI Seminar - Dating Coral Terraces by Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)

Matthieu will talk about this new approach to date coral terraces in the Gulf of Aqaba

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11 October, 2022

CDI Seminar - NorthQuake 2022 practice talks

Alejandra, Remi, and Sjonni will give us a preview of what they will show next week at the NorthQuake 2022 workshop in Northern Iceland

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05 October, 2022

CDI Seminar - A volcano is born: InSAR analysis of the 2021 and 2022 Reykjanes eruptions

Adriano will present some of the InSAR results on the two eruptions that occurred in the Reykjanes peninsula during the last year and a half

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