Yunmeng Cao


Now Permanent Researcher at GNS Science (NZ)



Building 1, 3125

Research Interests

​InSAR geodesy: spatio-temporal atmospheric delay modeling, atmosphere mitigation, uncertainty evaluation, time-series analysis

InSAR meteorology: high-resolution atmospheric water vapor estimation, atmospheric dynamics analysis, weather forecast
InSAR Geophysics: earthquake, volcano and tectonic deformation 

Selected Publications

  • Cao, Y., Li, Z., & Amelung, F. (2019). Mapping ground displacement by a multiple phase difference-based InSAR approach: with stochastic model estimation and turbulent troposphere mitigation. Journal of Geodesy, 1-21.
  • Li, Z., Cao, Y., Wei, J., Duan, M., Wu, L., Hou, J., & Zhu, J. (2019). Time-series InSAR ground deformation monitoring: Atmospheric delay modeling and estimating. Earth-Science Reviews.
  • Cao, Y., (2019) PyINT: Python&GAMMA based interferometry toolboxRemote Sensing Code Library, DOI: 10.21982/vd48
  • Cao, Y., Li, Z., Wei, J., Hu, J., Duan, M., & Feng, G. (2018). Stochastic modeling for time series InSAR: with emphasis on atmospheric effects. Journal of Geodesy92(2), 185-204


  • 2014-2019, Ph.D., Geodesy, Central South University, China
  • 2016-2018, Joint-PhD, Geophysics, University of Miami, USA
  • 2012-2014, M.S., Geodesy, Central South University, China

Professional Profile

​May 2019 – March 2021: Post-doc at KAUST

Scientific and Professional Membership

​2016 – present: America Geophysical Union (AGU) member​

Non-KAUST Affiliations