Joel Ruch


​Now Assistant Professor at University of Geneva


Research Interests

My research focuses on volcano deformation analysis and understanding, from large caldera collapses to volcano flank instability and dike intrusions along rift zones. To reach this aim, I integrate different tools and datasets, such as remote sensing, fieldwork (structural volcanology), analogue and/or numerical modeling. One of my research goals focuses on long-term timescale analysis (101-104 years) to catch and understand the background deformation behavior of volcanic areas.

Selected Publications

  • ​Ruch, J., T. Wang, W. Xu, M. Hensch & S. Jónsson, Oblique rift opening revealed by reoccurring magma injection in cental Iceland, Nature Communications, 7:12352, doi: 10.1038/ncomms12352, 2016.
  • Xu, W., J. Ruch & S. Jónsson, Birth of two volcanic islands in the southern Red Sea, Nature Communications, 6:7104, doi: 10.1038/ncomms8104, 2015.
  • Ruch, J., S. Pepe, G. Solaro, A. Pepe, V. Acocella, M. Neri, E. Sansosti, Seismo-tectonic behaviour of the Pernicana Fault System: a gauge to understand flank instability at Etna, J. Geophys. Res., 118, 4398-4408, doi:10.1002/jgrb.50281, 2013.
  • Ruch, J., V. Acocella, N. Geshi, A. Nobile, F. Corbi, Kinematic analysis of caldera collapse using analogue model time series, J. Geophys. Res., 117, B07301, doi:10.1029/2012JB009229, 2012.


  • ​Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, 2014-2017
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Roma Tre University, Italy, 2010-2013
  • PhD in geology, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, GFZ Potsdam, Germany, 2010
  •, in geology, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2004
  • CERG Master, assessment and management of geological risks, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2003