Ulas publishes on earthquake effects on lake sediments

04 July, 2016

​Ulas Avsar has published a new paper entitled "Earthquake-induced soft-sediment deformation and seismically amplified erosion rates recorded in varved sediments of Köyceğiz Lake (SW Turkey)" in Journal of Geophysical Research. His co-authors are Sigurjón Jónsson, Özgur Avsar and Sabine Schmidt.  In the study, Ulas has compared soft-sediment deformation in a sedimentary sequence of the Köyceğiz Lake with occurrences of historical and instrumental earthquakes. The fact the sequence has varves, makes the age-step model very accurate. He then estimated the peak-ground accellaration (PGA) values of these events to determine how much PGA is needed to induce soft-sediment deformation in the lake. The results indicate that more than 20 cm/s2 are needed to do so. He also looked at catchment responses due to shaking (e.g. because of landslides) and found that higher PGA values are needed to trigger such chanes, or >70 cm/s2


The paper was highlighted by the JGR editors: