Ten abstracts submitted to AGU

22 August, 2014

CDI group members submitted 8 abstracts to the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December and were involved in submission of at least two more.  Rishabh Dutta submitted an abstract on Bayesian estimation of source parameters of the 2005 Fukuoka earthquake in Japan. Wenbin Xu sent in a contribution dike intrusions in the Red Sea region constrained by InSAR and Joel Ruch submitted an abstract on earthquake swarms and tectonics in the Red Sea. Jon Harrington and Ulas Avsar plan to present new results on the Húsavík-Flatey fault in North Iceland, Jon on results from paleoseismic trenching and Ulas on results from lake cores, both of which will help to reveal information about past activity of the fault. Ulas has an invited talk on subaqueous paloseismological techniques as well.  Teng Wang submitted an abstract on cross-sensor SAR image offsets for measuring coseismic displacements, with a special focus on the 2001 Bhuj earthquake in India.