Rishabh publishes his Fukuoka paper

15 January, 2018

Rishahb Dutta has publised a paper called "Bayesian estimation of source parameters and associated Coulomb failure stress changes for the 2005 Fukuoka (Japan) earthquake" in Geophysical Journal International.  His co-authors are Sigurjón Jónsson, Teng Wang, and Hannes Vasyura-Bathke. In the paper, Rishahb develops an efficient method of including independent prior information, such as aftershock locations and moment magnitude estimates, in source parameter estimations for large earthquakes based on geodetic data. He uses InSAR and GPS data of the 2005 Fukuoka earthquake as a case example, an earthquake that occurred offshore Fukuoka city and is therefore difficult to constrain using onshore geodetic data. He demonstrates how aftershock locations can neatly help with the source estimation. In addition, estimated source parameter errors are then used to propagate the solution to calculate Coulomb failure stress changes with uncertainties, showing clear spatial difference in the reliability of Columb failure stress change estimates.