Olivier and Ulas have GRL papers published

15 January, 2014

Two papers focusing on Turkey have just been published by Geophysical Research Letters by members of the CDI group, Olivier Cavalie and Ulas Avsar. 
Olivier has been using time-series analysis of InSAR data to study interseismic deformation across the North and East Anatolian Faults. The results are summarized in "Block-like plate movements in eastern Anatolia observed by InSAR", a GRL paper that can be found here: Cavalié and Jónsson, 2013.
Ulas also just had a paper published in GRL with the title "A 3400-year lacustrine paleoseismic record from the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey: Implications for bimodal recurrence behavior". Here is the link: Avsar et al. 2014