New collaborative project started

01 April, 2016

A two-year collaborative project has started entitled "Influnece of rifting episodes on earthquake and volcanic activity in the southern Red Sea region". The key CDI participants are Joel Ruch and Renier Viltres. The project kicked off by GPS fieldwork with collaborator Rob Reilinger in southern Saudi Arabia and in Eritrea.  Our overseas collaborators are Rob Reilinger and Mike Floyd (both at MIT), Cecile Doubre (University of Strasbourg), Derek Keir (University of Southampton) and Tim Wright (University of Leeds). The project is funded by KAUST's Collaborative Research Grant (CRG4).

Joel Ruch (KAUST), Ghebrebrhan Ogubazghi (Eritrean Institute of Technology), Renier Viltres (KAUST), and Rob Reilinger (MIT) discuss the GPS fieldwork plan in Asmara in March, 2016