Harrat Lunayyir paper published

04 March, 2016

A new paper is out in Journal of Geophysical Research by Wenbin Xu and coworkers, Sigurjón Jónsson, Fabio Corbi, and Eleonora Rivalta. The title of the paper is "Graben formation and dike arrest during the 2009 Harrat Lunayyir dike intrusion in Saudi Arabia: Insights from InSAR, stress calculations and analog experiments". In this work, Wenbin used series of InSAR images to study the deformation progress during the 2009 Harrat Lunayyir crisis, showing how the dike and grabe faulting evolved in time. Stress calculations were used to argue that while the dike caused extension on the surface, the graben faulting led to compression changes at the dike tip, possibly halting its vertical projection (dike arrest). Fabio Corbi carried out analog experiments that showed how the wedge-graben grew outwards with the graben bounding faulting style changin progressively from normal faulting to increasingly oblique.