Five abstracts submitted for the EGU and IGARSS meetings

17 January, 2012

​​Four abstracts were submitted from the CDI group for the European Geophysical Union Assemby that will be in Vienna in April 2012.  Sabrina Metzger submitted an abstract on her most recent GPS and modeling results for the evaluation of large-earthquake potential in North Iceland.   Ahmet Akoglu sent in an abstract about the devastating Van earthquake that took place in eastern Turkey in October and Guangcai Feng on the large March earthquake in eastern Japan.  Then Sigurjón Jónsson submitted an invited abstract on probing mechanical properties of surface rocks using satellite radar observations. In addition to all the EGU abstracts, Teng Wang sent in an abstract for the IGARSS conference in Munich in July 2012 on new InSAR coregistration strategies for geophysical applications.