CDI members present at conferences

15 April, 2015

CDI group members attended several conferences this spring and presented many talks and posters.  Wenbin Xu, Teng Wang, and Sigurjón Jónsson attended European Space Agency´s Fringe meeting in Frascati in March, Rishabh Dutta and Jon Harrington went to a PhD student conference in Paris (also in March), and Ayrat Abdullin and Joel Ruch presented their work at the EGU meeting in Vienna in April. In addition, Wenbin Xu, Renier Ladron de Guevara, Ayrat Abdullin, Rishabh Dutta, Jon Harrington, Joel Ruch, Hannes Bathke and Ulas Avsar all presented at a workshop on the Red Sea imaging and tectonics held at KAUST in early March.


Below is a list of the presentations:

Fringe 2015 Workshop in Frascati:

 Wang, T., and S. Jónsson, Improving SAR-image offsets by considering scattering characteristics: Application to coseismic displacement mapping

Xu, W., S. Jónsson, and J. Ruch, InSAR observations of dike propagation and dike-fault interaction at Harrat Lunayyir, Saudi Arabia

Jónsson, S., W. Xu, J. Ruch, R. Dutta, T. Wang, H. Bathke and G. Feng, Extensional tectonics and volcanism in the Red Sea region observed by InSAR

Cavalié, O., and S. Jónsson, Block-like plate movements in eastern Anatolia observed by InSAR

EGU 2015 in Vienna:

Abdullin, A., W. Xu, M. Kosmicki and S. Jónsson, Rapid groundwater-related land subsidence in Yemen observed by multi-temporal InSAR

Ruch, J., S. Jónsson, T. Wang, W. Xu and D. Trippanera, Graben formation during the Bárðarbunga rifting event in central Iceland

Ruch, J., L. Vezzoli, R. Di Lorenzo, R. De Rosa and V. Acocella, Transient magmatic control in a tectonic domain: The central Aeolian volcanic arc (South Italy)

Ph.D. Student conference in Paris:

Harrington, J., Y. Klinger, U. Avsar and S. Jónsson: TBA

Dutta, R. and S. Jónsson, TBA

Workshop on Red Sea imaging and tectonics at KAUST:

Xu, W., S. Jónsson and J. Ruch, Three recent volcanic eruptions in the southern Red Sea observed with radar and optical satellite remote sensing

Abdullin, A., M. Kosmicki and S. Jónsson, Rapid Groundwater-Related Land Subsidence in Yemen Observed by Multi-Temporal InSAR

Avşar, U., S. Jónsson, Ö. Avşar and S. Schmidt, Evidences of Paleoearthquakes in Varved Lake Sediments, Köyceğiz Lake (SW Turkey)

Bathke, H., G. Feng and S. Jónsson, The 22 November 1995 Gulf of Aqaba Earthquake (Mw 7.1) Revisited: Insights From Geodetic and Teleseismic Source Inversion

Harrington, J., T. Wang, R. Dutta, G. Feng and S. Jónsson, Off-Rupture Deformation Observations Related to the 2013 Balochistan Earthquake:  Bi-Material Contrast Measurements in Accretionary Sediments

Ladron de Guevara, R., S. Jónsson, F. Masson, P. Ulrich, H. Bathke, M.K. Dhahry, J. Ruch, J. Harrington, J.-D. Bernard, A. Sherif and H.M. Zahran, A new GPS Network for Monitoring Crustal Deformation Near Gulf of Aqaba

Ruch, J., W. Jónsson and W. Xu, Recent Rifting Events Along the Southern Red Sea Ridge and Regional Implications

Ruch, J., T. Wang, W. Xu and S. Jónsson, An Ongoing Rifting Event in Central Iceland

Wang, T. and S. Jónsson, Mapping Coseismic Displacements of Three Earthquakes Near the Red Sea Region Using Improved SAR Image Offsets

Xu, W., R. Dutta and S. Jónsson, Identifying Active Faults by Improving Earthquake Locations With InSAR Data and Bayesian Estimation: the 2004 Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) Earthquake Sequence