The CDI group at EGU


Most of the  CDI group attended the European Geoscience Union (EGU) conference in Vienna 24-28 April.  Here is a list of the presentations:


Rishabh Dutta: Deformation of conjugate compliant fault zones induced by the 2013 Mw7.7 Baluchistan (Pakistan) earthquake


Yuan-Kai Liu: Contemporaneous ring fault activity and surface deformation at subsideing calderas studied using analogue experiments


Ayrat Abdullin: Joint Assimilation of InSAR and Water-level Data for Aquifer Parameter Estimation and Groundwater State Forecasting in Santa Clara Valley, California


Hannes Vasyura-Bathke: A new Bayesian earthquake analysis tool (BEAT)


Rémi Matrau: Late Quaternary slip rate determination by CRN dating on the Haiyuan fault, China, and implication for complex geometry fault systems


Renier Viltres: Influence of rifting episodes on seismic and volcanic activity in the southern Red Sea


Joel Ruch: Increase in earthquake swarm activity in the southern Red Sea, Afar and Gulf of Aden.


Sigurjón Jónsson: Volcanic eruptions in the southern Red Sea 2007-2013