Ayrat Abdullin

​Now at Tatneft, Almetyevsk, Russia

Research Interests

During my PhD studies, I am going to focus on combining InSAR satellite data and reservoir modeling techniques to evaluate oil & gas reservoir subsidence and pressure changes.

Selected Publications

Abdullin, A.K.,2010, Application of well-log data analysis for assessment of porosity types of a carbonate reservoir (example of the Onbiyskoye oilfield in the southeast of Tatarstan, Russia), B.S. Thesis, Kazan State University, 80 p.
Abdullin, A.K.,2012, Geophysical constraints on the flexural subsidence of the Denver Basin, M.S. Thesis, Colorado State University, 80 p.


M.S. Geosciences, Colorado State University, USA, 2012
B.S. Geophysics, Kazan State University, Russia, 2010